Golf Pro Shop Photo-Shoot

The featured theme display for the Ocean Club Golf Pro Shop shoot was the 2012 Battle 4 Atlantis college basketball tournament that is taking place Thanksgiving weekend at the unforgettable Atlantis, Paradise Island, Bahamas.

It was an amazing opportunity doing a photo-shoot at the Golf Pro Shop at the One and Only Ocean Club, located on the beautiful Paradise Island, Bahamas.

BVS photographers not only excel at their photography skills, but they also master the art of folding clothes crisply and color coordinating effectively.


Capturing beautifully compressed images with the 70-200mm lens


There were lots of smiles during the shoot interacting with the Golf Pro Shop’s friendly staff, who were gracious enough to let us temporarily “redecorate” their store as we arrange different photo set-ups.


Tethering during the photo-shoot from the Canon 5D to a MacBook Pro allowed both photographers to use their creative eye effectively, examining each image as it appears on the camera and laptop. Also, it created a portal for the clients to easily view and approve the images as the shoot progressed.


Singing Nickelodeon’s, “Wonderpets” co-operation song : “What’s gonna work? Teamwork :)


Photographing various items near the store’s display window, which overlooks the beautiful blue beaches of The Bahamas, and a luxurious golf course that has hosted well-known events such as the Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational and Michael Douglas & Friends Celebrity Golf Tournament.


After the rotation of the 70-200mm, 50mm, and 16-35mm lens on the Canon 5d, and a resourceful use of gaffer’s tape throughout the day, we imagine the photoshoot to be a success with high hopes of the Golf Pro Shop winning yet another award in the Golf Digest Magazine.


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