Meet the Team

Tim Aylen
Tim Aylen is one of the Bahamas's top photographers with over 25 years experience in all aspects of photography. Tim has established a solid reputation with the major players at resorts and businesses throughout the country by offering reliable, high quality photography services. After working in the newspaper field for 10 years, and having had his work published in major newspapers and magazines around the world by the Associated Press, Tim graduated to becoming a freelance photographer in 1998. By 2002 Tim was applying his skills to the wedding industry, where couples were beginning to embrace the documentary and photojournalism style of photography over the traditional look. After some very successful years running Tim Aylen Weddings and establishing a strong presence on the internet, Tim partnered with Craig Lenihan, another innovative and successful Bahamian photographer, to launch Bahamas Visual Services. Email:
Craig Lenihan
Craig Lenihan is a 25-year veteran of still photography and, more recently, cinematography. He recently completed work on Bahamian films "Crazy Love," "Fresh," and "The Kindly Ones." After completing school in the UK, Craig began training as a sports photographer at one of the country's biggest sports photo agencies, Action Images of London. Craig branched out on his own at the age of 19 and returned to The Bahamas at 21, working first at The Tribune newspaper and then freelance running Vision Photography, which offered commercial, advertising and public relations photography Craig served the international newspaper and magazine markets directly and through news wires such as Associated Press and Reuters for years, becoming well-versed in shooting, editing, captioning and delivering images to meet tight global deadlines. Craig progressed to digital photography as early as 2000. He is skilled using strobe lighting for portrait, corporate, commercial and still-life photography as well as in using lighting for film and television. More recently, after completing a cinematography certificate at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), he combined his photography skills with the world of DSLR cinematography to create high-end destination wedding films. Email:
Ronnie Archer
Ronnie Archer is a professional photographer living in home town of Nassau, Bahamas. He started his career in 2004 shooting weddings and special events. To date he has shot over 250 in and around the Bahamas. A strong belief that great photography starts with a ends with a great experience makes his approach to photo shoots fun and laid back with out sacrificing quality and creativity. Although Ronnie is best known for his wedding photography, he feeds his impulsive creativity with new projects and assignments ranging from commercial and portrait photography to video and multimedia productions. Ronnie now serves as the Lead Wedding Photographer of the Bahamas Wedding Productions team.
Dante Carrer
After years of living abroad, Dante returned to The Bahamas to pursue his lifelong passion of capturing moments. Peruse the photos taken of Dante throughout his childhood and you'll notice some sort of camera in his hands. Dante's style is playful, natural and relaxed… much like his personality. His passion for the craft drives him to constantly learn, improve and evolve. He has photographed in over 15 countries and always has plans for continued adventure. "To me photography is poetry written in a fraction of a second."
Bradisha Fraser
Born and raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Disha’s early interest in photography quickly led her to become the paparazzi in her family, flashing disposable cameras at anyone and anything. She attended college in Grantham, Pennsylvania where she studied graphic design and fine art photography, obtaining a bachelors degree in Studio Art. Shortly after graduation, Disha relocated to Scottsdale, Arizona, where she served the local community for two years, mentoring youths in the Phoenix metropolitan area through writing workshops and performances, and traveling to various cities to teach and to perform. In 2011, Disha returned home to Nassau where she is currently pursuing her passion and career in photography at Bahamas Visual Services.
Anna Murray
Anna graduated from the Arts Institute with an Associates Degree in Photography and moved back home to the Bahamas for a few years and then to London, England. There she worked with a variety of photographers all across the field and gained more of a perspective of what she wanted to do. A few years later, she moved back home as she was missing the 'island life'. Over the years she found herself becoming more interested in the behind-the-scenes/technical part of photography. From there, she found that she really had a feel for photo editing, enjoying the techniques and precision that it entails. "There's such a great satisfaction in completing a project and seeing how great everything looks and knowing that you were part of the team that helped create something to really be proud of!"