Woslee Construction Photo Shoot

The last day in October, Big D and Little D (Dante and Disha) went on a bit of a journey from our Paradise Island main office location, and traveled west to Fire Trail Road and then to Lyford Cay school. The journey was well worth it. We were on a mission to photograph the newly constructed interior of Tropical Shipping, done by Woslee Construction, a Bahamian owned construction company. The staff was very gracious and helpful as they let us borrow their office space to capture every angle of specified locations in the building.

With a pit stop to Wendy’s for a quick bite to eat, we carried on to the Lyford Cay to photograph the interior and exterior of the Lyford Cay School’s new changing rooms as some of the kids practiced their swimming techniques in the nearby pool. We captured many of the photographs with natural lighting and the Quadra A portable light head for a few shots.

After a productive day, we packed our pelican cases and cruised east with good music and the sun shining behind us.

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